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Still have questions about boarding, wilderness hikes or group walks? Your question may be answered here! If not, please send us a message and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!



My dog has never been in a hiking group before. How do I know they will be a good fit and stay with the group?


Many of our current and past clients are first-time group hikers! New dogs are always taken on a one-on-one trial hike with Kailyn and a tenured dog to learn the hiking route and practice recall skills before joining a group. This semi-private format encourages bonding, allows Kailyn the opportunity to assess the dog's physical ability and skill level in a low-stress setting, and ensures the new dog has another friendly, relaxed dog to follow and/or play with. New dogs wear both a long line and GPS tracker for (at least) their first hike, so that if they do decide to wander, they are easy to locate and secure. Afterwards, you will be fully briefed on how the first outing went, and together we will put together a plan of what sort of group your dog would do best in. If your dog isn't ready for group hikes, we can collaboratively explore options that will help them to become ready for group hikes, or consider other types of services.


Do I have to go with you on the first hike? Do I have to be home when you pick up or drop off my dog?


No, clients are not required to join their dog on any trial or subsequent hikes. We will coordinate a way to enter and exit your home safely without you needing to be there before the first hike is scheduled. You will be notified when your dog is returned home safely after each hike.


What neighbourhoods do you service?


We currently service Beaver Bank, Fall River, Middle Sackville, Lower Sackville and Halifax. However, we do not go to every neighbourhood every day. Additionally, we only offer afternoon walks to Sackville and Beaver Bank residents.

Our preferred neighbourhoods are currently:

- Beaver Bank Road between Old Sackville Road & Trinity Lane

- Millwood Drive

- Sackville Heights

- Smokey Drive

- Windgate Drive

- Woodbine Park

- Sunset Ridge

- Armcrest Drive

 - Sidhu Drive

- Stokil Drive

- Pinehaven Drive

To find out if we are able to accommodate your location, please contact us today with your address (as well as whether your home is a flat, single-family home or apartment building and if there is off-road parking available).


Does my dog have to hike a minimum number of times per week? 


No, dogs are not required to hike a minimum number of times per week. However, we strongly encourage enrolling your dog for 2-3 hikes per week, if possible on the same days each week, to ensure they are regularly practicing their off-leash skills and spending time with their hiking peers on a consistent basis. This is important in establishing a feeling of group cohesion, familiarity, routine and comfort within hiking groups, as introducing a dog to new peers each hike can be stressful. We are not a short-term dog walker, and require a minimum commitment of three months' participation when you choose to work with us.



Do you offer sliding scale pricing?


Yes. We recognize that there is significant income disparity in our province, and wish to make our services accessible for most. If you self-identify as facing financial challenges (for example, live in a single-income household, identify as low income, are facing a family financial or medical crisis, etc.), please let us know that you require sliding scale pricing and we can collaboratively find a rate that works for you.


Do you accept credit cards?


No, at this time we only accept payment via e-transfer or cash. We offer payment plans for boarding services, and bill on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule for hiking services to best meet your needs.

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